VisualElement Class Reference

#include <drake/multibody/shapes/visual_element.h>

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Public Member Functions

 VisualElement (const Eigen::Isometry3d &T_element_to_local)
 VisualElement (const Geometry &geometry, const Eigen::Isometry3d &T_element_to_local, const Eigen::Vector4d &material_in)
virtual ~VisualElement ()
void setMaterial (const Eigen::Vector4d &material)
const Eigen::Vector4d & getMaterial () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Element
 Element (const Geometry &geometry_in, const Eigen::Isometry3d &T_element_to_local_in)
 Element (const Geometry &geometry_in)
 Element (const Eigen::Isometry3d &T_element_to_local_in)
virtual ~Element ()
virtual Elementclone () const
const Eigen::Isometry3d & getWorldTransform () const
const Eigen::Isometry3d & getLocalTransform () const
void SetLocalTransform (const Eigen::Isometry3d &T_element_to_local)
void updateWorldTransform (const Eigen::Isometry3d &T_local_to_world)
Shape getShape () const
void setGeometry (const Geometry &geometry)
bool hasGeometry () const
const GeometrygetGeometry () const
void getTerrainContactPoints (Eigen::Matrix3Xd &points) const

Protected Attributes

Eigen::Vector4d material
- Protected Attributes inherited from Element
Eigen::Isometry3d T_element_to_world
Eigen::Isometry3d T_element_to_local
std::unique_ptr< Geometrygeometry

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Element
 Element (const Element &)
void operator= (const Element &)=delete
 Element (Element &&)=delete
void operator= (Element &&)=delete
void setWorldTransform (const Eigen::Isometry3d &T_elem_to_world)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VisualElement ( const Eigen::Isometry3d &  T_element_to_local)
VisualElement ( const Geometry geometry,
const Eigen::Isometry3d &  T_element_to_local,
const Eigen::Vector4d &  material_in 
virtual ~VisualElement ( )

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Member Function Documentation

const Eigen::Vector4d & getMaterial ( ) const

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void setMaterial ( const Eigen::Vector4d &  material)

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Member Data Documentation

Eigen::Vector4d material

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