MGChaoticBabyboot Class Reference

#include <drake/multibody/benchmarks/chaotic_babyboot/MG/MG_chaotic_babyboot_auto_generated.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MGChaoticBabyboot ()
bool MGSimulate (void)

Public Attributes

double g
double IAx
double IBx
double IBy
double IBz
double LA
double LB
double mA
double mB
double qA
double qB
double qAp
double qBp
double qApp
double qBpp
double Energy
double KE
double PE
double Output [8]
- Public Attributes inherited from MGIntegrator
double tInitial
double tFinal
double tStepMax
double absError
double relError

Protected Member Functions

const char * MGeqns (double t, double VAR[], double VARp[], bool isIntegratorBoundary)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MGIntegrator
 MGIntegrator ()
virtual ~MGIntegrator ()
bool IntegrateForwardOrBackward (double varArrayToIntegrate[], double &t)
const char * GetErrorMessage (int i)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MGChaoticBabyboot ( )

Member Function Documentation

const char * MGeqns ( double  t,
double  VAR[],
double  VARp[],
bool  isIntegratorBoundary 

Implements MGIntegrator.

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bool MGSimulate ( void  )

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Member Data Documentation

double Energy
double g
double IAx
double IBx
double IBy
double IBz
double KE
double LA
double LB
double mA
double mB
double Output[8]
double PE
double qA
double qAp
double qApp
double qB
double qBp
double qBpp

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