QuasiStaticConstraint Class Reference

the Center of Mass (CoM) is within the support polygon. More...

#include <drake/attic/multibody/rigid_body_constraint.h>

Public Member Functions

 QuasiStaticConstraint (RigidBodyTree< double > *robot, const Eigen::Vector2d &tspan=DrakeRigidBodyConstraint::default_tspan, const std::set< int > &model_instance_id_set=QuasiStaticConstraint::defaultRobotNumSet)
virtual ~QuasiStaticConstraint (void)
bool isTimeValid (const double *t) const
int getNumConstraint (const double *t) const
void eval (const double *t, KinematicsCache< double > &cache, const double *weights, Eigen::VectorXd &c, Eigen::MatrixXd &dc) const
void bounds (const double *t, Eigen::VectorXd &lb, Eigen::VectorXd &ub) const
void name (const double *t, std::vector< std::string > &name_str) const
bool isActive () const
int getNumWeights () const
void addContact (int num_new_bodies, const int *body, const Eigen::Matrix3Xd *body_pts)
void addContact (std::vector< int > body, const Eigen::Matrix3Xd &body_pts)
void setShrinkFactor (double factor)
void setActive (bool flag)
void updateRobot (RigidBodyTree< double > *robot)
void updateRobotnum (std::set< int > &model_instance_id_set)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RigidBodyConstraint
 RigidBodyConstraint (int category, RigidBodyTree< double > *robot, const Eigen::Vector2d &tspan=DrakeRigidBodyConstraint::default_tspan)
int getType () const
int getCategory () const
RigidBodyTree< double > * getRobotPointer () const
virtual ~RigidBodyConstraint (void)=0

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from RigidBodyConstraint
static const int SingleTimeKinematicConstraintCategory = -1
static const int MultipleTimeKinematicConstraintCategory = -2
static const int QuasiStaticConstraintCategory = -3
static const int PostureConstraintCategory = -4
static const int MultipleTimeLinearPostureConstraintCategory = -5
static const int SingleTimeLinearPostureConstraintCategory = -6
static const int QuasiStaticConstraintType = 1
static const int PostureConstraintType = 2
static const int SingleTimeLinearPostureConstraintType = 3
static const int AllBodiesClosestDistanceConstraintType = 4
static const int WorldEulerConstraintType = 5
static const int WorldGazeDirConstraintType = 6
static const int WorldGazeOrientConstraintType = 7
static const int WorldGazeTargetConstraintType = 8
static const int RelativeGazeTargetConstraintType = 9
static const int WorldCoMConstraintType = 10
static const int WorldPositionConstraintType = 11
static const int WorldPositionInFrameConstraintType = 12
static const int WorldQuatConstraintType = 13
static const int Point2PointDistanceConstraintType = 14
static const int Point2LineSegDistConstraintType = 15
static const int WorldFixedPositionConstraintType = 16
static const int WorldFixedOrientConstraintType = 17
static const int WorldFixedBodyPoseConstraintType = 18
static const int PostureChangeConstraintType = 19
static const int RelativePositionConstraintType = 20
static const int RelativeQuatConstraintType = 24
static const int RelativeGazeDirConstraintType = 25
static const int MinDistanceConstraintType = 26
static const int GravityCompensationTorqueConstraintType = 27
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RigidBodyConstraint
std::string getTimeString (const double *t) const
void set_type (int type)
void set_robot (RigidBodyTree< double > *robot)
const doubletspan () const

Detailed Description

the Center of Mass (CoM) is within the support polygon.

The support polygon is a shrunk area of the contact polygon

tspan– The time span of this constraint being active
model_instance_id_set– The set of the robots in the RigidBodyTree for which the CoM is computed
shrinkFactor– The factor to shrink the contact polygon. The shrunk area is the support polygon.
active– Whether the constraint is on/off. If active = false, even the time t is within tspan, the constraint is still inactive
num_bodies– The total number of ground contact bodies/frames
num_pts– The total number of ground contact points
bodies– The index of ground contact bodies/frames
num_body_pts– The number of contact points on each contact body/frame
body_pts– The contact points on each contact body/frame

Function: eval –evaluate the constraint

t–the time to evaluate the constraint
weights–the weight associate with each ground contact point
c– c = CoM-weights'*support_vertex
dc– dc = [dcdq dcdweiths] addContact – add contact body and points
num_new_bodies– number of new contact bodies
body– the index of new contact bodies/frames
body_pts– body_pts[i] are the contact points on body[i]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QuasiStaticConstraint ( RigidBodyTree< double > *  robot,
const Eigen::Vector2d tspan = DrakeRigidBodyConstraint::default_tspan,
const std::set< int > &  model_instance_id_set = QuasiStaticConstraint::defaultRobotNumSet 
~QuasiStaticConstraint ( void  )

Member Function Documentation

void addContact ( int  num_new_bodies,
const int body,
const Eigen::Matrix3Xd *  body_pts 
void addContact ( std::vector< int body,
const Eigen::Matrix3Xd &  body_pts 
void bounds ( const double t,
Eigen::VectorXd &  lb,
Eigen::VectorXd &  ub 
) const
void eval ( const double t,
KinematicsCache< double > &  cache,
const double weights,
Eigen::VectorXd &  c,
Eigen::MatrixXd &  dc 
) const
int getNumConstraint ( const double t) const
int getNumWeights ( ) const
bool isActive ( ) const
bool isTimeValid ( const double t) const
void name ( const double t,
std::vector< std::string > &  name_str 
) const
void setActive ( bool  flag)
void setShrinkFactor ( double  factor)
void updateRobot ( RigidBodyTree< double > *  robot)
void updateRobotnum ( std::set< int > &  model_instance_id_set)

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