RelativeQuatConstraint Class Reference

#include <multibody/rigid_body_constraint.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RelativeQuatConstraint (RigidBodyTree< double > *model, int bodyA_idx, int bodyB_idx, const Eigen::Vector4d &quat_des, double tol, const Eigen::Vector2d &tspan=DrakeRigidBodyConstraint::default_tspan)
virtual void name (const double *t, std::vector< std::string > &name_str) const
virtual ~RelativeQuatConstraint ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from QuatConstraint
 QuatConstraint (RigidBodyTree< double > *model, double tol, const Eigen::Vector2d &tspan=DrakeRigidBodyConstraint::default_tspan)
virtual ~QuatConstraint ()
virtual void eval (const double *t, KinematicsCache< double > &cache, Eigen::VectorXd &c, Eigen::MatrixXd &dc) const
virtual void bounds (const double *t, Eigen::VectorXd &lb, Eigen::VectorXd &ub) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SingleTimeKinematicConstraint
 SingleTimeKinematicConstraint (RigidBodyTree< double > *model, const Eigen::Vector2d &tspan=DrakeRigidBodyConstraint::default_tspan)
virtual ~SingleTimeKinematicConstraint ()
bool isTimeValid (const double *t) const
int getNumConstraint (const double *t) const
virtual void updateRobot (RigidBodyTree< double > *robot)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RigidBodyConstraint
 RigidBodyConstraint (int category, RigidBodyTree< double > *robot, const Eigen::Vector2d &tspan=DrakeRigidBodyConstraint::default_tspan)
int getType () const
int getCategory () const
RigidBodyTree< double > * getRobotPointer () const
virtual ~RigidBodyConstraint (void)=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual void evalOrientationProduct (const KinematicsCache< double > &cache, double &prod, Eigen::MatrixXd &dprod) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SingleTimeKinematicConstraint
void set_num_constraint (int num_constraint)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RigidBodyConstraint
std::string getTimeString (const double *t) const
void set_type (int type)
void set_robot (RigidBodyTree< double > *robot)
const doubletspan () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from RigidBodyConstraint
static const int SingleTimeKinematicConstraintCategory = -1
static const int MultipleTimeKinematicConstraintCategory = -2
static const int QuasiStaticConstraintCategory = -3
static const int PostureConstraintCategory = -4
static const int MultipleTimeLinearPostureConstraintCategory = -5
static const int SingleTimeLinearPostureConstraintCategory = -6
static const int QuasiStaticConstraintType = 1
static const int PostureConstraintType = 2
static const int SingleTimeLinearPostureConstraintType = 3
static const int AllBodiesClosestDistanceConstraintType = 4
static const int WorldEulerConstraintType = 5
static const int WorldGazeDirConstraintType = 6
static const int WorldGazeOrientConstraintType = 7
static const int WorldGazeTargetConstraintType = 8
static const int RelativeGazeTargetConstraintType = 9
static const int WorldCoMConstraintType = 10
static const int WorldPositionConstraintType = 11
static const int WorldPositionInFrameConstraintType = 12
static const int WorldQuatConstraintType = 13
static const int Point2PointDistanceConstraintType = 14
static const int Point2LineSegDistConstraintType = 15
static const int WorldFixedPositionConstraintType = 16
static const int WorldFixedOrientConstraintType = 17
static const int WorldFixedBodyPoseConstraintType = 18
static const int PostureChangeConstraintType = 19
static const int RelativePositionConstraintType = 20
static const int RelativeQuatConstraintType = 24
static const int RelativeGazeDirConstraintType = 25
static const int MinDistanceConstraintType = 26
static const int GravityCompensationTorqueConstraintType = 27

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RelativeQuatConstraint ( RigidBodyTree< double > *  model,
int  bodyA_idx,
int  bodyB_idx,
const Eigen::Vector4d &  quat_des,
double  tol,
const Eigen::Vector2d tspan = DrakeRigidBodyConstraint::default_tspan 

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~RelativeQuatConstraint ( )

Member Function Documentation

void evalOrientationProduct ( const KinematicsCache< double > &  cache,
double prod,
Eigen::MatrixXd &  dprod 
) const

Implements QuatConstraint.

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void name ( const double t,
std::vector< std::string > &  name_str 
) const

Implements SingleTimeKinematicConstraint.

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