MovingAverageFilter< T > Class Template Reference

The implementation of a Moving Average Filter. More...

#include <drake/manipulation/util/moving_average_filter.h>

Public Member Functions

 MovingAverageFilter (int window_size)
 Constructs the filter with the specified window_size. More...
Update (const T &new_data)
 Updates the average filter result. More...
const std::queue< T > & window () const
const T moving_average () const
 Returns the most recent result of the averaging filter. More...
Implements CopyConstructible, CopyAssignable, MoveConstructible, MoveAssignable
 MovingAverageFilter (const MovingAverageFilter &)=default
MovingAverageFilteroperator= (const MovingAverageFilter &)=default
 MovingAverageFilter (MovingAverageFilter &&)=default
MovingAverageFilteroperator= (MovingAverageFilter &&)=default

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class drake::manipulation::util::MovingAverageFilter< T >

The implementation of a Moving Average Filter.

This discrete time filter outputs the average of the last n samples i.e. y[k] = 1/n ∑ⱼ x[k-j] ∀ j = 0..n-1, when n<k and, = 1/k ∑ⱼ x[j] ∀ j = 0..k otherwise; where n is the window size and x being the discrete-time signal that is to be filtered, y is the filtered signal and k is the index of latest element in the signal time-series.

Note that this class is meant to serve as a standalone simple utility and a filter of this form in a more `drake::systems` flavour can be generated from a `systems::AffineSystem` since this is a LTI filter.

Template Parameters
TThe element type. Instantiated templates for the following kinds of T's are provided:
  • double
  • VectorX<double>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MovingAverageFilter ( const MovingAverageFilter< T > &  )
MovingAverageFilter ( int  window_size)

Constructs the filter with the specified window_size.

window_sizeThe size of the window.
astd::runtime_error when window_size <= 0.

Member Function Documentation

const T moving_average ( ) const

Returns the most recent result of the averaging filter.

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MovingAverageFilter& operator= ( MovingAverageFilter< T > &&  )
MovingAverageFilter& operator= ( const MovingAverageFilter< T > &  )
T Update ( const T &  new_data)

Updates the average filter result.

Every call to this method modifies the internal state of this filter thus resulting in a computation of the moving average of the data present within the filter window.


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const std::queue<T>& window ( ) const

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