ArticulatedIcpErrorNormCost Class Reference

Aggregate L2 norm cost of point-to-point error set. More...

#include <perception/estimators/dev/articulated_icp.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ArticulatedIcpErrorNormCost (const Scene *scene, bool do_normalize=false)
void Reset () override
 Prepare to start adding points. More...
void Add (const SceneState &, const ArticulatedIcpErrorSet &error_set) override
 Add a given set of errors. More...
void Finalize () override
 Finish adding all error sets. More...
double cost () const
const Eigen::MatrixXd & J_cost () const
Does not allow copy, move, or assignment
 ArticulatedIcpErrorNormCost (const ArticulatedIcpErrorNormCost &)=delete
ArticulatedIcpErrorNormCostoperator= (const ArticulatedIcpErrorNormCost &)=delete
 ArticulatedIcpErrorNormCost (ArticulatedIcpErrorNormCost &&)=delete
ArticulatedIcpErrorNormCostoperator= (ArticulatedIcpErrorNormCost &&)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from ArticulatedIcpErrorCost
 ArticulatedIcpErrorCost (const Scene *scene)
virtual ~ArticulatedIcpErrorCost ()
const Scenescene () const
 ArticulatedIcpErrorCost (const ArticulatedIcpErrorCost &)=delete
ArticulatedIcpErrorCostoperator= (const ArticulatedIcpErrorCost &)=delete
 ArticulatedIcpErrorCost (ArticulatedIcpErrorCost &&)=delete
ArticulatedIcpErrorCostoperator= (ArticulatedIcpErrorCost &&)=delete

Detailed Description

Aggregate L2 norm cost of point-to-point error set.

The total cost, E, and its Jacobian J, w.r.t. the position variables q of the scene, is: E = ∑ eᵢ'eᵢ J = ∑ 2 eᵢ'Jᵢ

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ArticulatedIcpErrorNormCost ( const Scene scene,
bool  do_normalize = false 
do_normalizeNormalize the cost by the number of the points in the scene.

Member Function Documentation

void Add ( const SceneState scene_state,
const ArticulatedIcpErrorSet error_set 

Add a given set of errors.

Implements ArticulatedIcpErrorCost.

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double cost ( ) const
void Finalize ( )

Finish adding all error sets.

Implements ArticulatedIcpErrorCost.

const Eigen::MatrixXd& J_cost ( ) const
void Reset ( )

Prepare to start adding points.

Implements ArticulatedIcpErrorCost.

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