QuadraticProgram1 Class Reference

Adapt from the simple test on the Gurobi documentation. More...

#include <drake/solvers/test/quadratic_program_examples.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QuadraticProgram1 (CostForm cost_form, ConstraintForm constraint_form)
 ~QuadraticProgram1 () override
void CheckSolution (SolverType solver_type) const override
Does not allow copy, move, or assignment
 QuadraticProgram1 (const QuadraticProgram1 &)=delete
QuadraticProgram1operator= (const QuadraticProgram1 &)=delete
 QuadraticProgram1 (QuadraticProgram1 &&)=delete
QuadraticProgram1operator= (QuadraticProgram1 &&)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from OptimizationProgram
 OptimizationProgram (CostForm cost_form, ConstraintForm constraint_form)
virtual ~OptimizationProgram ()
CostForm cost_form () const
ConstraintForm constraint_form () const
MathematicalProgramprog () const
double GetSolverSolutionDefaultCompareTolerance (SolverType solver_type) const
void RunProblem (MathematicalProgramSolverInterface *solver)
 OptimizationProgram (const OptimizationProgram &)=delete
OptimizationProgramoperator= (const OptimizationProgram &)=delete
 OptimizationProgram (OptimizationProgram &&)=delete
OptimizationProgramoperator= (OptimizationProgram &&)=delete

Detailed Description

Adapt from the simple test on the Gurobi documentation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QuadraticProgram1 ( const QuadraticProgram1 )
QuadraticProgram1 ( CostForm  cost_form,
ConstraintForm  constraint_form 

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~QuadraticProgram1 ( )

Member Function Documentation

void CheckSolution ( SolverType  solver_type) const

Implements OptimizationProgram.

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QuadraticProgram1& operator= ( const QuadraticProgram1 )
QuadraticProgram1& operator= ( QuadraticProgram1 &&  )

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