Context< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Context< T >, including all inherited members.

Clone() const Context< T >inline
CloneState() const Context< T >inline
Context(const Context &)=deleteContext< T >
Context(Context &&)=deleteContext< T >
Context()=defaultContext< T >
DoClone() const =0Context< T >protectedpure virtual
DoCloneState() const =0Context< T >protectedpure virtual
EvalAbstractInput(const detail::InputPortEvaluatorInterface< T > *evaluator, const InputPortDescriptor< T > &descriptor) const Context< T >inline
EvalInputPort(const detail::InputPortEvaluatorInterface< T > *evaluator, const InputPortDescriptor< T > &descriptor) const Context< T >inline
EvalInputValue(const detail::InputPortEvaluatorInterface< T > *evaluator, const InputPortDescriptor< T > &descriptor) const Context< T >inline
EvalVectorInput(const detail::InputPortEvaluatorInterface< T > *evaluator, const InputPortDescriptor< T > &descriptor) const Context< T >inline
FixInputPort(int index, std::unique_ptr< AbstractValue > value)Context< T >inline
FixInputPort(int index, std::unique_ptr< BasicVector< T >> vec)Context< T >inline
FixInputPort(int index, const Eigen::Ref< const VectorX< T >> &data)Context< T >inline
get_abstract_parameter(int index) const Context< T >inline
get_abstract_state() const Context< T >inline
get_abstract_state(int index) const Context< T >inline
get_accuracy() const Context< T >inline
get_continuous_state() const Context< T >inline
get_continuous_state_vector() const Context< T >inline
get_discrete_state() const Context< T >inline
get_discrete_state(int index) const Context< T >inline
get_discrete_state_vector() const Context< T >inline
get_mutable_abstract_parameter(int index)Context< T >inline
get_mutable_abstract_state()Context< T >inline
get_mutable_abstract_state(int index)Context< T >inline
get_mutable_continuous_state()Context< T >inline
get_mutable_continuous_state_vector()Context< T >inline
get_mutable_discrete_state()Context< T >inline
get_mutable_discrete_state(int index)Context< T >inline
get_mutable_numeric_parameter(int index)Context< T >inline
get_mutable_parameters()=0Context< T >pure virtual
get_mutable_state()=0Context< T >pure virtual
get_mutable_step_info()Context< T >inlineprotected
get_num_abstract_states() const Context< T >inline
get_num_discrete_state_groups() const Context< T >inline
get_num_input_ports() const =0Context< T >pure virtual
get_num_total_states() const Context< T >inline
get_numeric_parameter(int index) const Context< T >inline
get_parameters() const =0Context< T >pure virtual
get_state() const =0Context< T >pure virtual
get_step_info() const Context< T >inlineprotected
get_time() const Context< T >inline
GetInputPortValue(int index) const =0Context< T >protectedpure virtual
GetInputPortValue(const Context< T > &context, int index)Context< T >inlineprotectedstatic
has_only_continuous_state() const Context< T >inline
has_only_discrete_state() const Context< T >inline
is_stateless() const Context< T >inline
num_abstract_parameters() const Context< T >inline
num_numeric_parameters() const Context< T >inline
operator=(const Context &)=deleteContext< T >
operator=(Context &&)=deleteContext< T >
set_abstract_state(std::unique_ptr< AbstractValues > xa)Context< T >inline
set_accuracy(const optional< double > &accuracy)Context< T >inline
set_continuous_state(std::unique_ptr< ContinuousState< T >> xc)Context< T >inline
set_discrete_state(std::unique_ptr< DiscreteValues< T >> xd)Context< T >inline
set_parent(const Context< T > *parent)Context< T >inline
set_time(const T &time_sec)Context< T >inlinevirtual
SetInputPortValue(int index, std::unique_ptr< InputPortValue > port_value)=0Context< T >protectedpure virtual
SetInputPortValue(Context< T > *context, int index, std::unique_ptr< InputPortValue > port_value)Context< T >inlineprotectedstatic
SetTimeStateAndParametersFrom(const Context< double > &source)Context< T >inline
VerifyInputPort(const InputPortDescriptor< T1 > &descriptor) const Context< T >inline
~Context()=defaultContext< T >virtual