iiwa_common.cc File Reference
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template<typename T >
Matrix6< T > ComputeLumpedGripperInertiaInEndEffectorFrame (const RigidBodyTree< T > &world_tree, int iiwa_instance, const std::string &end_effector_link_name, int wsg_instance)
 Computes the lumped inertia parameters of the gripper and the end effector link expressed in the end effector frame. More...
template Matrix6< doubleComputeLumpedGripperInertiaInEndEffectorFrame (const RigidBodyTree< double > &, int, const std::string &, int)
void VerifyIiwaTree (const RigidBodyTree< double > &tree)
 Verifies that tree matches assumptions about joint indices. More...
void CreateTreedFromFixedModelAtPose (const std::string &model_file_name, RigidBodyTreed *tree, const Vector3d &position, const Vector3d &orientation)
void SetPositionControlledIiwaGains (Eigen::VectorXd *Kp, Eigen::VectorXd *Ki, Eigen::VectorXd *Kd)
 Used to set the feedback gains for the simulated position controlled KUKA. More...
void ApplyJointVelocityLimits (double max_joint_velocity, const MatrixX< double > &keyframes, std::vector< double > *time)
 Scales a plan so that no step exceeds the maximum joint velocity specified. More...
robotlocomotion::robot_plan_t EncodeKeyFrames (const RigidBodyTree< double > &robot, const std::vector< double > &time, const std::vector< int > &info, const MatrixX< double > &keyframes)
 Makes a robotlocomotion::robot_plan_t message. More...