monolithic_pick_and_place_demo.cc File Reference
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <gflags/gflags.h>
#include "bot_core/robot_state_t.hpp"
#include "robotlocomotion/robot_plan_t.hpp"
#include "drake/common/find_resource.h"
#include "drake/common/text_logging_gflags.h"
#include "drake/examples/kuka_iiwa_arm/dev/monolithic_pick_and_place/state_machine_system.h"
#include "drake/examples/kuka_iiwa_arm/iiwa_common.h"
#include "drake/examples/kuka_iiwa_arm/iiwa_world/iiwa_wsg_diagram_factory.h"
#include "drake/lcm/drake_lcm.h"
#include "drake/lcmt_contact_results_for_viz.hpp"
#include "drake/lcmt_schunk_wsg_command.hpp"
#include "drake/lcmt_schunk_wsg_status.hpp"
#include "drake/manipulation/planner/robot_plan_interpolator.h"
#include "drake/manipulation/schunk_wsg/schunk_wsg_controller.h"
#include "drake/manipulation/schunk_wsg/schunk_wsg_lcm.h"
#include "drake/manipulation/sensors/xtion.h"
#include "drake/manipulation/util/world_sim_tree_builder.h"
#include "drake/math/rotation_matrix.h"
#include "drake/multibody/parsers/urdf_parser.h"
#include "drake/multibody/rigid_body_plant/contact_results_to_lcm.h"
#include "drake/multibody/rigid_body_plant/drake_visualizer.h"
#include "drake/multibody/rigid_body_plant/rigid_body_plant.h"
#include "drake/systems/analysis/runge_kutta2_integrator.h"
#include "drake/systems/analysis/simulator.h"
#include "drake/systems/framework/diagram.h"
#include "drake/systems/framework/diagram_builder.h"
#include "drake/systems/lcm/lcm_publisher_system.h"
#include "drake/systems/primitives/constant_vector_source.h"
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 DEFINE_int32 (target, 0,"ID of the target to pick.")
 DEFINE_double (orientation, 2 *M_PI,"Yaw angle of the target.")
 DEFINE_int32 (start_position, 1,"Position index to start from")
 DEFINE_int32 (end_position, 2,"Position index to end at")
 DEFINE_double (dt, 1e-3,"Integration step size")
 DEFINE_double (realtime_rate, 0.0,"Rate at which to run the simulation, ""relative to realtime")
 DEFINE_bool (quick, false,"Run only a brief simulation and return success ""without executing the entire task")
 DEFINE_bool (with_camera, false,"Attach an Asus Xtion to the gripper.")
 DEFINE_bool (with_camera_lcm, false,"If the Xtion is present, publish to LCM.")
int main (int argc, char *argv[])

Function Documentation

DEFINE_bool ( quick  ,
false  ,
"Run only a brief simulation and return success ""without executing the entire task"   
DEFINE_bool ( with_camera  ,
false  ,
"Attach an Asus Xtion to the gripper."   
DEFINE_bool ( with_camera_lcm  ,
false  ,
"If the Xtion is  present,
publish to LCM."   
DEFINE_double ( orientation  ,
2 *  M_PI,
"Yaw angle of the target."   
DEFINE_double ( dt  ,
1e-  3,
"Integration step size"   
DEFINE_double ( realtime_rate  ,
0.  0,
"Rate at which to run the  simulation,
""relative to realtime"   
DEFINE_int32 ( target  ,
"ID of the target to pick."   
DEFINE_int32 ( start_position  ,
"Position index to start from"   
DEFINE_int32 ( end_position  ,
"Position index to end at"   
int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

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Eigen::Vector3d dimensions
std::string model_name