drake::lcm Namespace Reference


class  DrakeLcm
 A wrapper around a real LCM instance. More...
class  DrakeLcmInterface
 A pure virtual interface that enables LCM to be mocked. More...
class  DrakeLcmLog
 A LCM interface for logging LCM messages to a file or playing back from a existing log. More...
class  DrakeLcmMessageHandlerInterface
 Defines a message handler interface that must be implemented by all LCM subscribers within Drake. More...
class  DrakeMockLcm
 A mock LCM instance. More...
class  LcmReceiveThread
 Maintains a thread that receives LCM messages and dispatches the messages to the appropriate message handlers. More...
class  TranslatorBase
 Base API for a translator between arbitrary data of DataType and a Lcm message of MsgType. More...


bool CompareLcmtDrakeSignalMessages (const lcmt_drake_signal &actual_message, const lcmt_drake_signal &expected_message)
 Compares two drake::lcmt_drake_signal messages are equal. More...

Function Documentation

bool CompareLcmtDrakeSignalMessages ( const lcmt_drake_signal &  actual_message,
const lcmt_drake_signal &  expected_message 

Compares two drake::lcmt_drake_signal messages are equal.

[in]actual_messageThe actual message to be compared against expected_message.
[in]expected_messageThe expected message to be compared against actual message.
true if actual_message and expected_message are equal.

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