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 DEFINE_double (accuracy, 5e-5,"Sets the simulation accuracy")
 DEFINE_double (us, 0.9,"The coefficient of static friction")
 DEFINE_double (ud, 0.5,"The coefficient of dynamic friction")
 DEFINE_double (stiffness, 10000,"The contact material stiffness")
 DEFINE_double (dissipation, 2.0,"The contact material dissipation")
 DEFINE_double (v_stiction_tolerance, 0.01,"The maximum slipping speed allowed during stiction")
 DEFINE_double (sim_duration, 5,"Amount of time to simulate")
 DEFINE_bool (playback, true,"If true, simulation begins looping playback when complete")
std::unique_ptr< RigidBodyTreedBuildTestTree ()
int main ()
int main (int argc, char *argv[])

Detailed Description

A simple example of a rigid gripper attempting to hold a block. The gripper has rigid geometry: two fingers at a fixed distance from each other. They are positioned in a configuration slightly narrower than the box placed between them.

This is a test to evaluate/debug the contact model. This configuration simplifies the test by defining a known penetration and eliminating all controller-dependent variation.

This is an even simpler example of what is shown in schung_wsg_lift_test. This eliminates the PID controller and ground contact. At the end of the simulation, the box should have slipped an amount less than the duration length times v_stiction_tolerance (i.e., the highest allowable slip speed during stiction).

Function Documentation

DEFINE_bool ( playback  ,
true  ,
"If  true,
simulation begins looping playback when complete"   
DEFINE_double ( accuracy  ,
5e-  5,
"Sets the simulation accuracy"   
DEFINE_double ( us  ,
0.  9,
"The coefficient of static friction"   
DEFINE_double ( ud  ,
0.  5,
"The coefficient of dynamic friction"   
DEFINE_double ( stiffness  ,
10000  ,
"The contact material stiffness"   
DEFINE_double ( dissipation  ,
2.  0,
"The contact material dissipation"   
DEFINE_double ( v_stiction_tolerance  ,
0.  01,
"The maximum slipping speed allowed during stiction"   
DEFINE_double ( sim_duration  ,
"Amount of time to simulate"   
int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

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