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using Rod2D = drake::examples::rod2d::Rod2D< double >


 DEFINE_string (system_type,"discretized","Type of rod system, valid values are ""'discretized','continuous'")
 DEFINE_double (dt, 1e-2,"Integration step size")
 DEFINE_double (rod_radius, 5e-2,"Radius of the rod (for visualization only)")
 DEFINE_double (sim_duration, 10,"Simulation duration in virtual seconds")
 DEFINE_double (accuracy, 1e-5,"Requested simulation accuracy (ignored for discretized system)")
int main (int argc, char *argv[])

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DEFINE_double ( dt  ,
1e-  2,
"Integration step size"   
DEFINE_double ( rod_radius  ,
5e-  2,
"Radius of the rod (for visualization only)"   
DEFINE_double ( sim_duration  ,
10  ,
"Simulation duration in virtual seconds"   
DEFINE_double ( accuracy  ,
1e-  5,
"Requested simulation accuracy (ignored for discretized system)"   
DEFINE_string ( system_type  ,
"discretized"  ,
"Type of rod  system,
valid values are""'discretized'  ,
int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

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