QPControllerParams Struct Reference

#include <drake/systems/controllers/QPCommon.h>

Public Member Functions

 QPControllerParams (const RigidBodyTree< double > &robot)

Public Attributes

WholeBodyParams whole_body
drake::eigen_aligned_std_vector< BodyMotionParamsbody_motion
VRefIntegratorParams vref_integrator
JointSoftLimitParams joint_soft_limits
HardwareParams hardware
Eigen::Matrix3d W_kdot
double Kp_ang
double w_slack
double slack_limit
double w_grf
double Kp_accel
double contact_threshold
double min_knee_angle
bool use_center_of_mass_observer
Eigen::Matrix4d center_of_mass_observer_gain


bool operator== (const QPControllerParams &lhs, const QPControllerParams &rhs)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QPControllerParams ( const RigidBodyTree< double > &  robot)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool operator== ( const QPControllerParams lhs,
const QPControllerParams rhs 

Member Data Documentation

Eigen::Matrix4d center_of_mass_observer_gain
double contact_threshold
HardwareParams hardware
JointSoftLimitParams joint_soft_limits
double Kp_accel
double Kp_ang
double min_knee_angle
double slack_limit
bool use_center_of_mass_observer
VRefIntegratorParams vref_integrator
double w_grf
Eigen::Matrix3d W_kdot
double w_slack
WholeBodyParams whole_body

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