IsoLaneVelocity Struct Reference

Isometric velocity vector in a Lane-frame. More...

#include <automotive/maliput/api/lane_data.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IsoLaneVelocity ()=default
 Default constructor. More...
 IsoLaneVelocity (double _sigma_v, double _rho_v, double _eta_v)
 Fully parameterized constructor. More...

Public Attributes

double sigma_v {}
double rho_v {}
double eta_v {}

Detailed Description

Isometric velocity vector in a Lane-frame.

sigma_v, rho_v, and eta_v are the components of velocity in a (sigma, rho, eta) coordinate system. (sigma, rho, eta) have the same orientation as the (s, r, h) at any given point in space, however they form an isometric system with a Cartesian distance metric. Hence, IsoLaneVelocity represents a "real" physical velocity vector (albeit with an orientation relative to the road surface).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IsoLaneVelocity ( )

Default constructor.

IsoLaneVelocity ( double  _sigma_v,
double  _rho_v,
double  _eta_v 

Fully parameterized constructor.

Member Data Documentation

double eta_v {}
double rho_v {}
double sigma_v {}

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