AddRotationMatrixBilinearMcCormickMilpConstraintsReturn< kNumIntervalsPerHalfAxis > Struct Template Reference

The return types from AddRotationMatrixBilinearMcComickMilpConstraints. More...

#include <solvers/rotation_constraint.h>

Collaboration diagram for AddRotationMatrixBilinearMcCormickMilpConstraintsReturn< kNumIntervalsPerHalfAxis >:

Public Types

typedef std::array< std::array< VectorDecisionVariable< kNumBinaryVars >, 3 >, 3 > BinaryVarType
typedef Eigen::Matrix< double, kPhiRows, 1 > PhiType
typedef std::pair< BinaryVarType, PhiTypetype

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr int kPhiRows
static constexpr int kNumBinaryVars

Detailed Description

template<int kNumIntervalsPerHalfAxis>
struct drake::solvers::AddRotationMatrixBilinearMcCormickMilpConstraintsReturn< kNumIntervalsPerHalfAxis >

The return types from AddRotationMatrixBilinearMcComickMilpConstraints.

We return both the newly added binary variables, and the vector φ.

See also
AddRotationMatrixBilinearMcCormickMilpConstraints for more details.
Template Parameters
kNumIntervalsPerHalfAxisNumber of intervals per half axis in the compile time.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::array<std::array<VectorDecisionVariable<kNumBinaryVars>, 3>, 3> BinaryVarType
typedef Eigen::Matrix<double, kPhiRows, 1> PhiType
typedef std::pair<BinaryVarType, PhiType> type

Member Data Documentation

constexpr int kNumBinaryVars
Initial value:
kPhiRows == Eigen::Dynamic ? Eigen::Dynamic : CeilLog2(kPhiRows - 1)
constexpr int kPhiRows
Initial value:
= kNumIntervalsPerHalfAxis == Eigen::Dynamic
? Eigen::Dynamic
: 1 + 2 * kNumIntervalsPerHalfAxis

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