CompliantContactModelParameters Struct Reference

The set of parameters for the compliant contact model. More...

#include <drake/multibody/rigid_body_plant/compliant_contact_model.h>

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Public Attributes

double v_stiction_tolerance {kDefaultVStictionTolerance}
double characteristic_radius {kDefaultCharacteristicRadius}

Static Public Attributes

static const double kDefaultVStictionTolerance {1e-2}
 Stiction (in m/s). More...
static const double kDefaultCharacteristicRadius {2e-4}
 Characteristic radius (in m). More...

Detailed Description

The set of parameters for the compliant contact model.

These values affect all contacts in the simulation session. In some sense, they are related to the scale of the simulation. The values must all be strictly positive. See Compliant Contact in Drake for details.

Member Data Documentation

double characteristic_radius {kDefaultCharacteristicRadius}
const double kDefaultCharacteristicRadius {2e-4}

Characteristic radius (in m).

const double kDefaultVStictionTolerance {1e-2}

Stiction (in m/s).

double v_stiction_tolerance {kDefaultVStictionTolerance}

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