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BipedPlanEval Class Reference

A PlanEval which includes some biped-specific tweaks. More...

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Public Member Functions

function BipedPlanEval (r, varargin)
function getQPControllerInput (obj, t, x, contact_force_detected)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PlanEval
function PlanEval (plans)
function getCurrentPlan (obj, t, x)
function getQPControllerInput (obj, t, x)
 Get a QPInput structure describing the instantaneous input to the QP controller. More...
function insertPlan (obj, new_plan, idx)
 Insert a new plan to the queue before the given index. More...
function appendPlan (obj, new_plan)
 Add a plan to the end of the queue. More...
function switchToPlan (obj, new_plan)
 Replace the queue with a single new plan, which will become the current plan immediately. More...

Protected Attributes

Property robot

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from PlanEval
Property t
Property x
Property qp_input
Property plan_queue

Detailed Description

A PlanEval which includes some biped-specific tweaks.

Specifically, it calls its plans' getQPControllerInput method with an additional argument (contact_force_detected)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

function BipedPlanEval ( ,
Return values

Member Function Documentation

function getQPControllerInput ( obj  ,
t  ,
x  ,
Return values

Member Data Documentation

Property robot

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