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ComplementarityFrictionConeWrench Class Reference

Implement the slack variable version of nonlinear function force >= 0 (nlcon) distance - gamma = 0 (nlcon) <force,gamma> = 0 (nlcon) gamma >= 0 (bcon) More...

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Public Member Functions

function ComplementarityFrictionConeWrench (robot, body, body_pts, FC_mu, FC_axis, phi_handle, force_normalize_factor, ncp_tol)
function evalWrenchConstraint (obj, kinsol, F, slack)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FrictionConeWrench
function FrictionConeWrench (robot, body, body_pts, FC_mu, FC_axis, force_normalize_factor)
function evalWrenchConstraint (obj, kinsol, F, slack)
 This function evaluates the constraint and its non-zero entries in the sparse gradient matrix. More...
function force (obj)
 Compute the indivisual force from the force parameters F. More...
function torque (obj)
 Compute the torque at each contact point from the force parameter. More...
function contactPosition (obj, kinsol)
 Returns the contact positions and its gradient w.r.t q. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from RigidBodyContactWrench
function RigidBodyContactWrench (robot, body, body_pts)
function generateWrenchConstraint (obj)

Public Attributes

Property phi_handle
- Public Attributes inherited from RigidBodyContactWrench
Constant Property FrictionConeType
Constant Property LinearFrictionConeType
Constant Property GraspType
Constant Property GraspFrictionConeType

Protected Member Functions

function generateWrenchLincon (obj)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FrictionConeWrench
function generateWrenchLincon (obj)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RigidBodyContactWrench
function checkForceSize (obj, F)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from FrictionConeWrench
Property normal_dir
Property FC_mu
Property FC_axis
 of the friction cone at contact point body_pts(:,i) More...
Property force_normalize_factor
 friction cone at the contact point body_pts(:,i). FC_axis(:,i) is in the world frame More...
Property cos_theta_square
 where force parameters are the arguments being constrained More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from RigidBodyContactWrench
Property robot
Property body
Property body_name
Property body_pts
Property num_pts
 of the contact point on the body frame. More...
Property num_wrench_constraint
Property num_pt_F
Property F_lb
Property F_ub
 force parameters More...
Property wrench_iCfun
 force parameters More...
Property wrench_jCvar
Property wrench_cnstr_ub
Property wrench_cnstr_lb
Property wrench_cnstr_name
Property contact_force_type
Property num_slack
Property slack_name
Property slack_lb
Property slack_ub
Property kinematics_chain_idx
Property complementarity_flag

Detailed Description

Implement the slack variable version of nonlinear function force >= 0 (nlcon) distance - gamma = 0 (nlcon) <force,gamma> = 0 (nlcon) gamma >= 0 (bcon)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

function ComplementarityFrictionConeWrench ( robot  ,
body  ,
body_pts  ,
FC_mu  ,
FC_axis  ,
phi_handle  ,
force_normalize_factor  ,
phi_handleA function handle. pho_handle(pt_pos) returns the distance from each pt_pos to the contact enviroment, and its gradient
Return values

Member Function Documentation

function evalWrenchConstraint ( obj  ,
kinsol  ,
Return values

Reimplemented from RigidBodyContactWrench.

function generateWrenchLincon ( obj  )
Return values

Reimplemented from RigidBodyContactWrench.

Member Data Documentation

Property phi_handle

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