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GravityCompensationTorqueConstraint Class Reference

Constraint on the torque required to keep specified joints static in the face of gravity. More...

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Public Member Functions

function GravityCompensationTorqueConstraint (robot, joint_indices, lb, ub, tspan)
 obj = GravityCompensationTorqueConstraint(robot, joint_indices, lb, ub, tspan) More...
function bounds (obj, t)
function updateRobot (obj, robot)
function name (obj, t)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SingleTimeKinematicConstraint
function SingleTimeKinematicConstraint (robot, tspan)
function getTspan (obj)
function isTimeValid (obj, t)
function getNumConstraint (obj, t)
function updateRobot (obj, robot)
function eval (obj, t, kinsol)
function generateConstraint (obj, t)
 generate a FunctionHandleConstraint object if time is valid or if no time is given More...
function kinematicsPathJoints (obj)
 return the indices of the joints used to evaluate the constraint. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from RigidBodyConstraint
function RigidBodyConstraint (category, robot, tspan)
function categoryString (obj)

Protected Member Functions

function evalValidTime (obj, kinsol)

Protected Attributes

Property joint_indices
Property lb
Property ub
- Protected Attributes inherited from SingleTimeKinematicConstraint
Property num_constraint
- Protected Attributes inherited from RigidBodyConstraint
Property category
Property type
Property robot
Property tspan
Property mex_ptr

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from RigidBodyConstraint
Constant Property SingleTimeKinematicConstraintCategory
Constant Property MultipleTimeKinematicConstraintCategory
Constant Property QuasiStaticConstraintCategory
Constant Property PostureConstraintCategory
Constant Property MultipleTimeLinearPostureConstraintCategory
Constant Property SingleTimeLinearPostureConstraintCategory
Constant Property ContactWrenchConstraintCategory
Constant Property QuasiStaticConstraintType
Constant Property PostureConstraintType
Constant Property SingleTimeLinearPostureConstraintType
Constant Property AllBodiesClosestDistanceConstraintType
Constant Property WorldEulerConstraintType
Constant Property WorldGazeDirConstraintType
Constant Property WorldGazeOrientConstraintType
Constant Property WorldGazeTargetConstraintType
Constant Property RelativeGazeTargetConstraintType
Constant Property WorldCoMConstraintType
Constant Property WorldPositionConstraintType
Constant Property WorldPositionInFrameConstraintType
Constant Property WorldQuatConstraintType
Constant Property Point2PointDistanceConstraintType
Constant Property Point2LineSegDistConstraintType
Constant Property WorldFixedPositionConstraintType
Constant Property WorldFixedOrientConstraintType
Constant Property WorldFixedBodyPoseConstraintType
Constant Property PostureChangeConstraintType
Constant Property RelativePositionConstraintType
Constant Property FrictionConeWrenchConstraintType
Constant Property LinearFrictionConeWrenchConstraintType
Constant Property RailGraspWrenchConstraintType
Constant Property RelativeQuatConstraintType
Constant Property RelativeGazeDirConstraintType
Constant Property MinDistanceConstraintType
Constant Property GravityCompensationTorqueConstraintType

Detailed Description

Constraint on the torque required to keep specified joints static in the face of gravity.

This constraint considers gravity only - it does not account for other external forces that might need to be resisted.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

obj = GravityCompensationTorqueConstraint(robot, joint_indices, lb, ub, tspan)

robotRigidBodyManipulator object
joint_indices– column vector containing the indices of the joints to which the constraint will be applied
lb– lower bound on the allowable torques. May be a scalar, or a column vector with the same number of elements as joint_indices
ub– Upper bound on the allowable torques. May be a scalar, or a column vector with the same number of elements as joint_indices
Return values

Member Function Documentation

function bounds ( obj  ,
Return values

Reimplemented from SingleTimeKinematicConstraint.

function evalValidTime ( obj  ,
Return values

Reimplemented from SingleTimeKinematicConstraint.

function name ( obj  ,
Return values

Reimplemented from SingleTimeKinematicConstraint.

function updateRobot ( obj  ,
Return values

Member Data Documentation

Property joint_indices
Property lb
Property ub

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