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KinematicMotionPlanningProblem Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

function KinematicMotionPlanningProblem (manip)
function addKinematicConstraint (obj, constraint, varargin)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MotionPlanningProblem
function MotionPlanningProblem (num_vars, var_names)
 takes x(obj.x_inds{i}) as its input More...
function addConstraint (obj, constraint, x_inds)
function checkConstraints (obj, x, varargin)

Public Attributes

Property manip
Property kinematics_constraints
- Public Attributes inherited from MotionPlanningProblem
Property num_vars
Property var_names
Property constraints
 a cell array of Constraint objects More...
Property x_inds
 todo: add differential constraints? control affine only? todo: add objectives? More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Return values

Member Function Documentation

function addKinematicConstraint ( obj  ,
constraint  ,
Return values

Member Data Documentation

Property kinematics_constraints
Property manip

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