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LCMCoordinateFrameWCoder Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

function LCMCoordinateFrameWCoder (name, dim, prefix, lcmcoder)
- Public Member Functions inherited from LCMCoordinateFrame
function LCMCoordinateFrame (name, lcmcoder_or_lcmtype_or_dim, prefix, coordinate_names_or_dim)
function setLCMCoder (obj, lcmcoder)
function subscribe (obj, channel)
function getNextMessage (obj, timeout)
function getMessage (obj)
function getCurrentValue (obj)
function getLastTimestamp (obj)
function publish (obj, t, x, channel, varargin)
function setDefaultChannel (obj, channel)
function defaultChannel (obj)
function markAsRead (obj)
function setupLCMInputs (obj, mdl, subsys, subsys_portnum, options)
function setupLCMOutputs (obj, mdl, subsys, subsys_portnum, options)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CoordinateFrame
function CoordinateFrame (name, dim, prefix, coordinates)
 Constructs a new coordinate frame. More...
function hasSamePrefix (frame1, frame2)
 useful for alarming on a possible prefix clash between two polys More...
function getPoly (obj)
 create the poly now if it hasn't been created yet More...
function disp (obj)
function isequal_modulo_transforms (a, b)
 returns true if the two coordinate frames are the same. More...
function getSym (obj)
function addTransform (obj, transform, bforce)
 Attaches a new coordinate transform from the current frame to a different frame. More...
function updateTransform (obj, newtransform)
 find a current transform with the same target frame and replace it with the new transform. More...
function addProjectionTransformByCoordinateNames (fr, fr2, fr2_defaultvals)
 adds a transform from fr to fr2 which copies over the dimensions with matching coordinate names, and sets the remaining elements of fr2 to their default values. More...
function drawFrameGraph (obj)
 Calls graphviz to visualize this frame plus all other frames that are reachable by some (potentially multi-hop) transform. More...
function findTransform (obj, target, options)
 Performs a simple breadth-first search of all available multi-hop transforms for a transformation from the current frame to the target frame. More...
function getCoordinateName (obj, i)
function findCoordinateIndex (obj, varname)
function getCoordinateNames (obj)
 getCoordinateNames encapsulates the lazy generation of the default coordinates. More...
function setCoordinateNames (obj, cnames)
 Updates the coordinate names. More...
function subFrame (obj, dims)
 Extracts a new frame with a subset of the original variables, so that fr.coordinates = obj.coordinates(dims) More...
function constructFrameWithAnglesWrapped (obj, angle_flag, q0)
 produces a copy of the current frame, but with a transform placed between them that wraps the angles around 2pi. More...
function scope (obj, t, val, options)
 publishes coordinate information to the lcm scope More...
function generateLCMType (obj, robot_name, signal_name)
 writes an lcm type specification to file from the coordinate frame description. More...
function getNumFrames (obj)
function getFrameByNum (obj, n)
function getFrameNum (obj, fr)
function setupMultiInput (obj, mdl, subsys)
function setupMultiOutput (obj, mdl, subsys)
function setupLCMInputs (obj, mdl, subsys, subsys_portnum, options)
function setupLCMOutputs (obj, mdl, subsys, subsys_portnum, options)
function autoConnect (fr1, fr2, connection)
 populates the connection structure as used in mimoCascade and mimoFeedback if connection is passed in, then it simply attempts to validate the connection. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from LCMPublisher
virtual function publish (obj, t, x, channel)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CoordinateFrame
static function stripSpecialChars (s)
static function generateDefaultCoordinates (prefix)
 generates the default coordinate labels for a coordinate Frame when no value is passed in, based on the prefixes provided. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from LCMCoordinateFrame
Property lc
Property lcmcoder
Property monitor
Property channel
Property subscriptions
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CoordinateFrame
function ismember (obj, cell_of_frames)
 helper method for searching transforms More...
function extractFrameGraph (obj)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

function LCMCoordinateFrameWCoder ( name  ,
dim  ,
prefix  ,
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