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PostureError Class Reference

penalize the cost sum_i (q(:,i)-q_nom(:,i))'Q(q(:,i)-q_nom(:,i)) More...

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Public Member Functions

function PostureError (Q, q_nom)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Constraint
function Constraint (lb, ub, xdim, options)
 Constraint(lb,ub) or Constraint(lb,ub,eval_handle) More...
function setSparseStructure (obj, iCfun, jCvar)
 set the sparse structure of the 1st order gradient matrix More...
function getGradientSparseStructure (obj)
function checkGradient (obj, tol, varargin)
 Check the accuracy and sparsity pattern of the gradient. More...
function setName (obj, name)
function disp (obj)
function eval (obj, varargin)
function setBounds (obj, lb, ub)
 revise the bounds for the constraint More...

Public Attributes

Property Q
Property q_nom
- Public Attributes inherited from Constraint
Property grad_level
Property grad_method
 A string indicating the method to compute gradient. If empty,. More...

Protected Member Functions

function constraintEval (obj, x)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Constraint
virtual function constraintEval (obj, varargin)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from Constraint
Property lb
Property ub
Property xdim
Property num_cnstr
Property name
Property ceq_idx
Property cin_idx

Detailed Description

penalize the cost sum_i (q(:,i)-q_nom(:,i))'Q(q(:,i)-q_nom(:,i))

Q– A nq x nq PSD matrix
q_nom– A nq x nT double matrix. The nominal posture

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

function PostureError ( Q  ,
Return values

Member Function Documentation

function constraintEval ( obj  ,
Return values

Member Data Documentation

Property Q
Property q_nom

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