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RecoveryPlanner Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

function RecoveryPlanner (nsteps, dt, use_symbolic)
function solveBipedProblem (obj, biped, x0, zmp0, use_symbolic)
function solveBaseProblem (obj, start, omega, use_symbolic)
function addInitialContactConstraints (obj, contact, use_symbolic)
function addDiscreteLinearDynamics (obj, use_symbolic)
function addReachability (obj, use_symbolic)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MixedIntegerConvexProgram
function MixedIntegerConvexProgram (has_symbolic)
 Construct a new mixed-integer convex program. More...
function addVariable (obj, name, type_, size_, lb, ub, start_)
 Build a struct to hold the sizes and indices of our decision variables This is a new approach that I'm experimenting with, which should offer a mix of the advantages of symbolic and matrix-based optimization frameworks. More...
function addVariableIfNotPresent (obj, varargin)
function addLinearConstraints (obj, A, b, Aeq, beq)
function addCones (obj, cones)
function addConesByIndex (obj, idx)
function addPolyCones (obj, polycones)
 Add polygonal approximations of second-order cones. More...
function addPolyConesByIndex (obj, idx, N)
 Polycones only support approximations of cones with two variables on the left-hand side and one on the right-hand side. More...
function addConesOrPolyConesByIndex (obj, idx, N)
function addQuadcon (obj, quadcon)
function setLinearCost (obj, c)
function setLinearCostEntries (obj, idx, val)
function addCost (obj, Q, c, objcon)
function addSymbolicConstraints (obj, expr)
function addSymbolicCost (obj, expr)
function addSymbolicObjective (obj, expr)
function convertPolyCones (obj)
 Build linear constraints for our polygonal cone approximations. More...
function solve (obj)
function solveGurobi (obj, params)
function getGurobiModel (obj)
function extractResult (obj, x)
function solveYalmip (obj, params)
function solveMosek (obj)
function getMosekModel (obj)
function setSolver (obj, solver)
function compareSolvers (obj)

Public Attributes

Property has_setup
Property start
Property omega
Property nsteps
Property dt
Property max_foot_velocity
 m / s More...
 m, an upper bound on the width of the robot's stance, for mixed-integer constraint formulation More...
Property weights
Property nom_stance_width
- Public Attributes inherited from MixedIntegerConvexProgram
Property vars
Property nv
 the number of variables More...
Property c
 the linear cost vector c'x More...
Property Q
 the quadratic cost matrix x'Qx More...
Property A
 linear inequalities Ax <= b More...
Property b
Property Aeq
 linear equalities Ax == b More...
Property beq
Property quadcon
 quadratic constraints x'Qc x + q' x <= rhs More...
Property objcon
 constant term in the objective More...
Property cones
 indices of second-order cones (see http://www.gurobi.com/documentation/5.6/reference-manual/matlab_gurobi) More...
Property polycones
 indices of polygonal approximations of second-order cones. The structure of these constraints are designed to mimic the second-order constraints in obj.cones, but they use a polygonal linear outer approximation of the conic constraint. The number of pieces in each approximation is set by N. More...
Property symbolic_constraints
 a list of symbolic constraints constructed with yalmip More...
Property symbolic_objective
 a symbolic objective term constructed in yalmip More...
Property x_sol
Property solver

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from MixedIntegerConvexProgram
Property has_symbolic
Property symbolic_vars

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

function RecoveryPlanner ( nsteps  ,
dt  ,
Return values

Member Function Documentation

function addDiscreteLinearDynamics ( obj  ,
Return values
function addInitialContactConstraints ( obj  ,
contact  ,
Return values
function addReachability ( obj  ,
Return values
function solveBaseProblem ( obj  ,
start  ,
omega  ,
Return values
function solveBipedProblem ( obj  ,
biped  ,
x0  ,
zmp0  ,
Return values

Member Data Documentation

Property dt
Property has_setup
Property max_foot_velocity

m / s

Property nom_stance_width
Property nsteps
Property omega

m, an upper bound on the width of the robot's stance, for mixed-integer constraint formulation

Property start
Property weights

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