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RigidBodyBuoyant Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

function RigidBodyBuoyant (frame_id, rho, volume)
 creates a force element that adds buoyancy at new frame location More...
function computeSpatialForce (obj, manip, q, qd)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RigidBodyForceElement
function updateBodyCoordinates (obj, body_ind, T_old_body_to_new_body)
function setInputNum (obj, input_num)
function energy (obj, manip, q, qd)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RigidBodyElement
function bindParams (body, model, pval)
 Bind parameters from msspolys to doubles. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static function parseURDFNode (model, name, robotnum, node, options)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from RigidBodyForceElement
static function cartesianForceToSpatialForce (varargin)
 This method is deprecated. More...

Public Attributes

Property kinframe
Property volume
Property rho
- Public Attributes inherited from RigidBodyForceElement
Property name
Property direct_feedthrough_flag
Property input_num
Property input_limits
- Public Attributes inherited from RigidBodyElement
Property param_bindings
 structure containing msspoly parameterized representations of some properties More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

function RigidBodyBuoyant ( frame_id  ,
rho  ,

creates a force element that adds buoyancy at new frame location

frame_id= RigidBodyFrame specifying the location of center of volume
rho= density of surrounding fluid
volume= volume of the body
Return values

Member Function Documentation

function computeSpatialForce ( obj  ,
manip  ,
Return values
static function parseURDFNode ( model  ,
name  ,
robotnum  ,
node  ,
Return values

Member Data Documentation

Property kinframe
Property rho
Property volume

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