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RigidBodyDepthSensor Class Reference

Uses collision detection framework to simulate a depth camera rangefinder. More...

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Public Member Functions

function RigidBodyDepthSensor (sensor_name, frame_id, min_pitch, max_pitch, num_pixel_rows, min_yaw, max_yaw, num_pixel_cols, range)
function enableLCMGL (obj)
function output (obj, manip, t, x, u)
 Computes the output of the sensor. More...
function constructFrame (obj, manip)
function isDirectFeedthrough (obj)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RigidBodySensor
function compile (obj, manip)
function updateBodyIndices (obj, map_from_old_to_new)
 intentionally do nothing More...
function updateBodyCoordinates (obj, body_ind, T_old_body_to_new_body)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RigidBodyElement
function bindParams (body, model, pval)
 Bind parameters from msspolys to doubles. More...

Public Attributes

Property frame_id
Property min_pitch
Property max_pitch
Property min_yaw
Property max_yaw
Property num_pixel_rows
Property num_pixel_cols
Property range
Property body_pts
Property lcmgl
- Public Attributes inherited from RigidBodySensor
Property name
Property coordinate_frame
- Public Attributes inherited from RigidBodyElement
Property param_bindings
 structure containing msspoly parameterized representations of some properties More...

Detailed Description

Uses collision detection framework to simulate a depth camera rangefinder.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

function RigidBodyDepthSensor ( sensor_name  ,
frame_id  ,
min_pitch  ,
max_pitch  ,
num_pixel_rows  ,
min_yaw  ,
max_yaw  ,
num_pixel_cols  ,
namename of this camera (as a string)
frame_idID of the RigidBodyFrame
min_pitchminimum pitch angle (in radians) that the sensor reads
max_pitchmaximum pitch angle (in radians) that the sensor reads
num_pixel_rowsnumber of pixels that the sensor reads in the pitch axis
min_yawminimum yaw angle (in radians) that the sensor reads
max_yawmaximum yaw angle (in radians) that the sensor reads
num_pixel_colsnumber of pixels that the sensor reads in the yaw axis
rangemaximum range of the sensor (in meters). can be inf.
Return values

Member Function Documentation

function constructFrame ( obj  ,
Return values

Reimplemented from RigidBodySensor.

function enableLCMGL ( obj  )
Return values
function isDirectFeedthrough ( obj  )
Return values

Reimplemented from RigidBodySensor.

function output ( obj  ,
manip  ,

Computes the output of the sensor.

manipRigidBodyManipulator with collision geometry
ttime (unused)
xsystem state
ucontrol input (unused)
Return values
distancearray of distances returned by the sensor, size will equal 3 x obj.num_pixel_rows x obj.num_pixel_cols.

Reimplemented from RigidBodySensor.

Member Data Documentation

Property body_pts
Property frame_id
Property lcmgl
Property max_pitch
Property max_yaw
Property min_pitch
Property min_yaw
Property num_pixel_cols
Property num_pixel_rows
Property range

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