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SO3MotionPlanningTree Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

function SO3MotionPlanningTree ()
 position will be drawn to visualize the tree More...
function randomSample (obj)
function distanceMetric (obj, quat1, quat2)
function interpolate (obj, q1, q2, interpolation_parameter)
function drawTree (obj, ignoredArg, draw_now)
function drawPath (obj, varargin)
- Public Member Functions inherited from VertexArrayMotionPlanningTree
virtual function distanceMetric (obj, q1, q_array)
virtual function interpolate (obj, q1, q2, interpolation_factors)
function VertexArrayMotionPlanningTree (num_vars)
function init (obj, q_init)
function randomSample (obj)
function addVertex (obj, q, id_parent)
function getVertex (obj, id)
function getParentId (obj, id)
function isValid (obj, q)
function indexIntoArrayOfPoints (obj, q_array, index)
 q = indexIntoArrayOfPoints(obj, q_array, index) returns the index-th point in the array of points q_array. More...
function setParentId (obj, id, idParent)
function removeVertices (obj, ids)
 Rebuild children arrays. More...
function getChildren (obj, parentId)
function getCentroid (obj)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MotionPlanningTree
function init (obj, q_init)
function rrt (obj, x_start, x_goal, options)
 [obj, path_ids, info] = rrt(obj, x_start, x_goal, options) plans a path between x_start and x_goal using the RRT algorithm [1]. More...
function rrtConnect (TA, x_start, x_goal, TB, options)
 [TA, path_ids_A, info, TB, path_ids_B] = rrtConnect(TA, x_start, x_goal, TB, options) implements the RRT-Connect algorithm based on the work of Kuffner and LaValle [1]. More...
function rrtConnectIteration (TA, TB, goal_bias)
function newPoint (obj, q)
function extend (obj, q)
function connect (obj, q)
function attemptToMakeValid (obj, q, valid)
 This default implementation does nothing. More...
function extractPath (TA, path_ids_A, TB, path_ids_B)
function recursiveConnectSmoothing (obj, path_ids, n_iterations, visualize)
function setLCMGL (obj, name, color)
function nearestNeighbor (obj, q)
function addVertex (obj, q, parent_id)
function getPathToVertex (obj, leaf_id)
function addPath (obj, T_other, path_ids, id_parent)
function drawTree (obj, varargin)
function drawPath (obj, varargin)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MotionPlanningProblem
function MotionPlanningProblem (num_vars, var_names)
 takes x(obj.x_inds{i}) as its input More...
function addConstraint (obj, constraint, x_inds)
function checkConstraints (obj, x, varargin)

Public Attributes

Property visualization_origin
Property visualization_point
- Public Attributes inherited from VertexArrayMotionPlanningTree
Property sampling_lb
 The default sampling for this class draws from a uniform distribution whose lower and upper bounds for each element of the sampling_lb and sampling_ub. More...
Property sampling_ub
- Public Attributes inherited from MotionPlanningTree
Constant Property TRAPPED
Constant Property REACHED
Constant Property ADVANCED
Property N
 Number of nodes for which memory should be pre-allocated. More...
Property n
 Number of nodes in the tree. More...
Property max_edge_length
Property max_length_between_constraint_checks
Property line_color
Property lcmgl_name
Property lcmgl
- Public Attributes inherited from MotionPlanningProblem
Property num_vars
Property var_names
Property constraints
 a cell array of Constraint objects More...
Property x_inds
 todo: add differential constraints? control affine only? todo: add objectives? More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from VertexArrayMotionPlanningTree
Property V
Property parent
Property children
Property centroid

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

function SO3MotionPlanningTree ( )

position will be drawn to visualize the tree

Return values

Member Function Documentation

function distanceMetric ( obj  ,
quat1  ,
Return values
function drawPath ( obj  ,
function drawTree ( obj  ,
ignoredArg  ,
Return values
function interpolate ( obj  ,
q1  ,
q2  ,
Return values
function randomSample ( obj  )
Return values

Reimplemented from MotionPlanningTree.

Member Data Documentation

Property visualization_origin
Property visualization_point

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