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SmoothNorm Class Reference

DrakeFunction representing the smooth norm of a vector: More...

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Public Member Functions

function SmoothNorm (dim_input, smoothing_factor)
 obj = SmoothNorm(input_frame,smoothing_factor) More...
function eval (obj, r)

Public Attributes

Property smoothing_factor

Detailed Description

DrakeFunction representing the smooth norm of a vector:

\[ f(r) = \sqrt{r^\prime r + \alpha^2} \]

where \(\alpha\) is a smoothing factor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

function SmoothNorm ( dim_input  ,

obj = SmoothNorm(input_frame,smoothing_factor)

dim_input– Length of the input vector
smoothing_factor– Numerical scalar
Return values
obj– drakeFunction.euclidean.SmoothNorm object

Member Function Documentation

function eval ( obj  ,
Return values

Member Data Documentation

Property smoothing_factor

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