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First time? Check out the Class Hierarchy.

If you want to make your own Doxygen, run make doxygen in the root drake directory. You may need to install Doxygen (sudo apt-get install doxygen).

Other useful pages:

How do I make my documentation look pretty?

Comment your code in a MATLAB style (directly after the function definition) and the scripts will deal with the rest. There are a few commands that can help:

  • @param: describe an input – for example,

    • @param K the gain matrix
    • @param x0 initial condition

      Kthe gain matrix
      x0initial condition

  • @retval: describe a return value.
    • @retval traj simulated trajectory
    • @retval utraj simulated input trajectory (type PolynomialTrajectory)

      Return values
      trajsimulated trajectory
      utrajsimulated input trajectory (type PolynomialTrajectory)
  • @option: describe an option parameter.
  • @default: list the default for an option.

Doxygen also supports most HTML tags including <pre>, <b>, <i>, and more. Take a look at the full command list.

Drake's Doxygen documentation is automatically updated on every push to the github repository, so it should always be up to date.

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