Sublime Text Notes


This page contains notes on how to use Sublime Text with Drake.

User Preferences

To change your custom user preferences, go to “Sublime Text”, “Preferences”, “Settings - User.” Then add the following:

Full File Path Display

Note that this only needs to be done on OS X since the full path appears by default on Linux machines.

To display the current file’s full path in the title bar on OSX:

"show_full_path": true,

Show *.sdf Files in Side Bar

To show *.sdf files in the side bar:


Note that the above list does not include *.sdf. This is expected since by default *.sdf does show up in the list.

Automatically Show an 80-character Ruler

To view an 80 character-wide ruler:

"rulers": [80],

Always displaying a ruler is useful to conform to Drake’s coding style.