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template<typename T >
void CalcOngoingRoadPosition (const systems::rendering::PoseVector< T > &pose, const systems::rendering::FrameVelocity< T > &velocity, const maliput::api::RoadGeometry &road, maliput::api::RoadPosition *rp)
 Given a PoseVector pose, find a car's current RoadGeometry via a search of immediate ongoing lanes, starting with the current one. More...
template void CalcOngoingRoadPosition (const PoseVector< AutoDiffXd > &pose, const FrameVelocity< AutoDiffXd > &velocity, const RoadGeometry &road, RoadPosition *rp)
template void CalcOngoingRoadPosition (const PoseVector< double > &pose, const FrameVelocity< double > &velocity, const RoadGeometry &road, RoadPosition *rp)