Junction Class Reference

An api::Junction implementation. More...

#include <drake/automotive/maliput/multilane/junction.h>

Public Member Functions

 Junction (const api::JunctionId &id, const api::RoadGeometry *road_geometry, const std::function< void(const api::Segment *)> &register_segment, const std::function< void(const api::Lane *)> &register_lane)
 Constructs an empty Junction. More...
SegmentNewSegment (const api::SegmentId &id, std::unique_ptr< RoadCurve > road_curve, double r_min, double r_max, const api::HBounds &elevation_bounds)
 Creates and adds a new Segment. More...
 ~Junction () override=default
Does not allow copy, move, or assignment
 Junction (const Junction &)=delete
Junctionoperator= (const Junction &)=delete
 Junction (Junction &&)=delete
Junctionoperator= (Junction &&)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from Junction
const JunctionId id () const
 Returns the persistent identifier. More...
const RoadGeometryroad_geometry () const
 Returns the RoadGeometry to which this Junction belongs. More...
int num_segments () const
 Returns the number of Segments in the Junction. More...
const Segmentsegment (int index) const
 Returns the Segment indexed by index. More...
 Junction (const Junction &)=delete
Junctionoperator= (const Junction &)=delete
 Junction (Junction &&)=delete
Junctionoperator= (Junction &&)=delete

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Junction
 Junction ()=default

Detailed Description

An api::Junction implementation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Junction() [1/3]

Junction ( const Junction )

◆ Junction() [2/3]

Junction ( Junction &&  )

◆ Junction() [3/3]

Junction ( const api::JunctionId id,
const api::RoadGeometry road_geometry,
const std::function< void(const api::Segment *)> &  register_segment,
const std::function< void(const api::Lane *)> &  register_lane 

Constructs an empty Junction.

road_geometry must remain valid for the lifetime of this class, and must refer to the RoadGeometry which will contain the newly constructed Junction instance. register_segment and register_lane will be called on any new Segment or Lane instances created as children of the Junction.

◆ ~Junction()

~Junction ( )

Reimplemented from Junction.

Member Function Documentation

◆ NewSegment()

Segment * NewSegment ( const api::SegmentId id,
std::unique_ptr< RoadCurve road_curve,
double  r_min,
double  r_max,
const api::HBounds elevation_bounds 

Creates and adds a new Segment.

idSegment's ID.
road_curveReference trajectory over the Segment's surface.
r_minLateral distance to the minimum extent of road_curve's curve from where Segment's surface starts.
r_maxLateral distance to the maximum extent of road_curve's curve from where Segment's surface ends.
elevation_boundsThe height bounds over the segment' surface.
A Segment object.

◆ operator=() [1/2]

Junction& operator= ( const Junction )

◆ operator=() [2/2]

Junction& operator= ( Junction &&  )

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