DirectedWaypoint Class Reference

A container that holds the information needed by a Builder to construct a Lane from a sequence of ignition::rndf::Waypoint objects. More...

#include <drake/automotive/maliput/rndf/directed_waypoint.h>

Public Member Functions

 DirectedWaypoint ()=default
 Default constructor. More...
 DirectedWaypoint (const ignition::rndf::UniqueId &id, const ignition::math::Vector3d &position, const ignition::math::Vector3d &tangent, bool is_entry, bool is_exit)
 Constructor. More...
const ignition::rndf::UniqueId & id () const
void set_id (const ignition::rndf::UniqueId &id)
const ignition::math::Vector3d & position () const
void set_position (const ignition::math::Vector3d &position)
const ignition::math::Vector3d & tangent () const
void set_tangent (const ignition::math::Vector3d &tangent)
bool is_entry () const
void set_is_entry (bool is_entry)
bool is_exit () const
void set_is_exit (bool is_exit)
Implements CopyConstructible, CopyAssignable, MoveConstructible, MoveAssignable
 DirectedWaypoint (const DirectedWaypoint &)=default
DirectedWaypointoperator= (const DirectedWaypoint &)=default
 DirectedWaypoint (DirectedWaypoint &&)=default
DirectedWaypointoperator= (DirectedWaypoint &&)=default

Static Public Member Functions

static std::pair< ignition::math::Vector3d, ignition::math::Vector3d > CalculateBoundingBox (const std::vector< DirectedWaypoint > &directed_waypoints)
 Gets the bounding box of a vector of directed_waypoints. More...

Detailed Description

A container that holds the information needed by a Builder to construct a Lane from a sequence of ignition::rndf::Waypoint objects.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DirectedWaypoint() [1/4]

DirectedWaypoint ( const DirectedWaypoint )

◆ DirectedWaypoint() [2/4]

◆ DirectedWaypoint() [3/4]

DirectedWaypoint ( )

Default constructor.

All the class attributes will be set with default values. Consequently, the id will be initialized with an invalid ignition::rndf::UniqueId (-1, -1, -1), position and tangent will be zero 3D vectors and, is_entry() and is_exit() will be false.

◆ DirectedWaypoint() [4/4]

DirectedWaypoint ( const ignition::rndf::UniqueId &  id,
const ignition::math::Vector3d &  position,
const ignition::math::Vector3d &  tangent,
bool  is_entry,
bool  is_exit 


idRNDF waypoint's ID. It may be generated by the Builder or a copy of what has been parsed by ignition::rndf::RNDF.
positionThe 3D coordinates of the knot in the api::GeoPosition frame.
tangentThe tangent vector at position in the api::GeoPosition frame.
is_entryTrue if the original RNDF waypoint acts as the entry for the RNDF lane.
is_exitTrue if the original RNDF waypoint acts as the exit for the RNDF lane.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CalculateBoundingBox()

std::pair< ignition::math::Vector3d, ignition::math::Vector3d > CalculateBoundingBox ( const std::vector< DirectedWaypoint > &  directed_waypoints)

Gets the bounding box of a vector of directed_waypoints.

It gets the minimum and maximum x and y coordinates from all the items. z coordinate will always be zero as RNDF is a flat map.

directed_waypointsA vector of DirectedWaypoints whose positions are evaluated to define the corners of a bounding box that holds them.
A std::pair that holds two diagonal corners of the bounding box that encloses directed_waypoints. The pair's first value is the minimum x and y coordinate and the second value is the maximum x and y coordinate. When directed_waypoints is an empty vector, the returned pair are both zero vectors.

◆ id()

const ignition::rndf::UniqueId& id ( ) const

◆ is_entry()

bool is_entry ( ) const

◆ is_exit()

bool is_exit ( ) const

◆ operator=() [1/2]

DirectedWaypoint& operator= ( DirectedWaypoint &&  )

◆ operator=() [2/2]

DirectedWaypoint& operator= ( const DirectedWaypoint )

◆ position()

const ignition::math::Vector3d& position ( ) const

◆ set_id()

void set_id ( const ignition::rndf::UniqueId &  id)

◆ set_is_entry()

void set_is_entry ( bool  is_entry)

◆ set_is_exit()

void set_is_exit ( bool  is_exit)

◆ set_position()

void set_position ( const ignition::math::Vector3d &  position)

◆ set_tangent()

void set_tangent ( const ignition::math::Vector3d &  tangent)

◆ tangent()

const ignition::math::Vector3d& tangent ( ) const

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