GloptiPolyConstrainedMinimizationProblem Class Reference

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#include <drake/solvers/test/optimization_examples.h>

Public Member Functions

 GloptiPolyConstrainedMinimizationProblem (CostForm cost_form, ConstraintForm constraint_form)
MathematicalProgramprog () const
void CheckSolution (const MathematicalProgramResult &result) const
Vector6< doubleinitial_guess () const
Does not allow copy, move, or assignment
 GloptiPolyConstrainedMinimizationProblem (const GloptiPolyConstrainedMinimizationProblem &)=delete
GloptiPolyConstrainedMinimizationProblemoperator= (const GloptiPolyConstrainedMinimizationProblem &)=delete
 GloptiPolyConstrainedMinimizationProblem (GloptiPolyConstrainedMinimizationProblem &&)=delete
GloptiPolyConstrainedMinimizationProblemoperator= (GloptiPolyConstrainedMinimizationProblem &&)=delete

Static Public Member Functions

static std::vector< CostFormcost_forms ()
static std::vector< ConstraintFormconstraint_forms ()

Detailed Description


From section 5.8.2 of the gloptipoly3 documentation.

Which is from section 3.5 in Handbook of Test Problems in Local and Global Optimization © 1999 ISBN 978-1-4757-3040-1 We deliberately duplicate the problem, with the same constraints and costs on decision variables x and y, so as to test out program works correctly with multiple decision variables.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GloptiPolyConstrainedMinimizationProblem() [1/3]

◆ GloptiPolyConstrainedMinimizationProblem() [2/3]

◆ GloptiPolyConstrainedMinimizationProblem() [3/3]

Member Function Documentation

◆ CheckSolution()

void CheckSolution ( const MathematicalProgramResult result) const

◆ constraint_forms()

static std::vector<ConstraintForm> constraint_forms ( )

◆ cost_forms()

static std::vector<CostForm> cost_forms ( )

◆ initial_guess()

Vector6< double > initial_guess ( ) const

◆ operator=() [1/2]

◆ operator=() [2/2]

◆ prog()

MathematicalProgram* prog ( ) const

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