drake::geometry::internal Namespace Reference


class  InternalFrame
 This is the internal representation of a GeometryFrame. More...
class  InternalGeometry
 The internal representation of the fixed portion of the scene graph geometry. More...
class  MapKeyRange
 A const range iterator through the keys of an unordered map. More...
class  ProximityEngine
 The underlying engine for performing geometric proximity queries. More...


void CompareSignedDistancePair (const SignedDistancePair< double > &pair, const SignedDistancePair< double > &pair_expected, double tol)

Function Documentation

◆ CompareSignedDistancePair()

void drake::geometry::internal::CompareSignedDistancePair ( const SignedDistancePair< double > &  pair,
const SignedDistancePair< double > &  pair_expected,
double  tol