drake::maliput::simplerulebook Namespace Reference


class  SimpleRulebook
 SimpleRulebook is a simple concrete implementation of the api::rules::RoadRulebook abstract interface. More...


using QueryResults = api::rules::RoadRulebook::QueryResults


bool operator== (const IdVariant &lhs, const IdVariant &rhs)
void LoadYaml (std::istream *istream, SimpleRulebook *rulebook)
 Loads rules parsed from istream into rulebook. More...

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◆ LoadYaml()

void LoadYaml ( std::istream *  istream,
SimpleRulebook rulebook 

Loads rules parsed from istream into rulebook.

See yaml_io.h for a description of the YAML syntax.

This is an additive process, equivalent to calling AddRule() on each parsed rule. Any pre-existing content in rulebook is left as is.

istream must yield a YAML document containing a YAML map at its root, with an entry bearing the key "maliput_simple_rulebook_v1". Only this entry is parsed; any other content is ignored.

<tt>std::runtime_error</tt>on parse errors, or failure of AddRule(). Internally calls YAML::Load(std::istream&), and thus does whatever throwing/asserting which that function does.

◆ operator==()

bool drake::maliput::simplerulebook::operator== ( const IdVariant &  lhs,
const IdVariant &  rhs