drake::solvers::detail Namespace Reference


struct  assert_if_is_constraint
 Template condition to only catch when Constraints are inadvertently passed as an argument. More...
struct  FunctionTraits
 FunctionTraits. More...
struct  FunctionTraits< std::reference_wrapper< F > >
struct  FunctionTraits< std::shared_ptr< F > >
struct  FunctionTraits< std::unique_ptr< F > >
struct  is_binding_compatible
 Enables us to catch and provide a meaningful assertion if a Constraint is passed in, when we should have a Cost. More...
struct  is_convertible_workaround
struct  is_convertible_workaround< std::unique_ptr< A >, std::shared_ptr< B > >
struct  is_cost_functor_candidate
 Template condition to check if F is a candidate to be used to construct a FunctionCost object for generic costs. More...


template<typename ScalarType >
using VecIn = Eigen::Ref< const VectorX< ScalarType > >
template<typename ScalarType >
using VecOut = VectorX< ScalarType >

Typedef Documentation

◆ VecIn

using VecIn = Eigen::Ref<const VectorX<ScalarType> >

◆ VecOut

using VecOut = VectorX<ScalarType>