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struct  ClosestPose< T >
 ClosestPose bundles together the RoadOdometry of a particular target along with its distance measure relative to the ego vehicle. More...
class  PoseSelector< T >
 PoseSelector is a class that provides the relevant pose or poses with respect to a given ego vehicle driving within a given maliput road geometry. More...




enum  AheadOrBehind { kAhead = 0, kBehind = 1 }
 Specifies whether to assess the cars ahead or behind the ego car at its current orientation with respect to its lane. More...
enum  ScanStrategy { kBranches, kPath }
 Specifies whether to check ongoing lanes or both ongoing lanes and confluent branches for traffic. More...
enum  RoadPositionStrategy { kCache, kExhaustiveSearch }
 If kCache, configures a planning system (e.g. More...