DesiredBodyAcceleration Struct Reference

#include <drake/attic/systems/controllers/QPCommon.h>

Public Member Functions

 DesiredBodyAcceleration ()

Public Attributes

int body_or_frame_id0
Vector6d body_vdot
double weight
Bounds accel_bounds
bool control_pose_when_in_contact
bool use_spatial_velocity
KinematicPath body_path
Eigen::Isometry3d T_task_to_world
Vector6d weight_multiplier

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DesiredBodyAcceleration()

Member Data Documentation

◆ accel_bounds

Bounds accel_bounds

◆ body_or_frame_id0

int body_or_frame_id0

◆ body_path

KinematicPath body_path

◆ body_vdot

Vector6d body_vdot

◆ control_pose_when_in_contact

bool control_pose_when_in_contact

◆ T_task_to_world

Eigen::Isometry3d T_task_to_world

◆ use_spatial_velocity

bool use_spatial_velocity

◆ weight

double weight

◆ weight_multiplier

Vector6d weight_multiplier

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