KukaRobotJointReactionForces< T > Struct Template Reference

Utility struct to assist with returning joint torques/forces. More...

#include <drake/multibody/benchmarks/kuka_iiwa_robot/drake_kuka_iiwa_robot.h>

Public Attributes

SpatialForce< TF_Ao_W
SpatialForce< TF_Bo_W
SpatialForce< TF_Co_W
SpatialForce< TF_Do_W
SpatialForce< TF_Eo_W
SpatialForce< TF_Fo_W
SpatialForce< TF_Go_W

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct drake::multibody::benchmarks::kuka_iiwa_robot::KukaRobotJointReactionForces< T >

Utility struct to assist with returning joint torques/forces.

-----—|-------------------------------------------------------— F_Ao_W | Spatial force on Ao from W, expressed in frame W (world). F_Bo_W | Spatial force on Bo from A, expressed in frame W (world). F_Co_W | Spatial force on Co from B, expressed in frame W (world). F_Do_W | Spatial force on Do from C, expressed in frame W (world). F_Eo_W | Spatial force on Eo from D, expressed in frame W (world). F_Fo_W | Spatial force on Fo from E, expressed in frame W (world). F_Go_W | Spatial force on Go from F, expressed in frame W (world).

Member Data Documentation

◆ F_Ao_W

SpatialForce<T> F_Ao_W

◆ F_Bo_W

SpatialForce<T> F_Bo_W

◆ F_Co_W

SpatialForce<T> F_Co_W

◆ F_Do_W

SpatialForce<T> F_Do_W

◆ F_Eo_W

SpatialForce<T> F_Eo_W

◆ F_Fo_W

SpatialForce<T> F_Fo_W

◆ F_Go_W

SpatialForce<T> F_Go_W

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