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BsplineTrajectory< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for BsplineTrajectory< T >, including all inherited members.

basis() constBsplineTrajectory< T >
BsplineTrajectory(const BsplineTrajectory &)=defaultBsplineTrajectory< T >
BsplineTrajectory(BsplineTrajectory &&)=defaultBsplineTrajectory< T >
BsplineTrajectory()BsplineTrajectory< T >
BsplineTrajectory(math::BsplineBasis< T > basis, std::vector< MatrixX< T >> control_points)BsplineTrajectory< T >
BsplineTrajectory(math::BsplineBasis< double > basis, std::vector< MatrixX< T >> control_points)BsplineTrajectory< T >
Clone() const overrideBsplineTrajectory< T >virtual
cols() const overrideBsplineTrajectory< T >virtual
control_points() constBsplineTrajectory< T >
CopyBlock(int start_row, int start_col, int block_rows, int block_cols) constBsplineTrajectory< T >
CopyHead(int n) constBsplineTrajectory< T >
CopyWithSelector(const std::function< MatrixX< T >(const MatrixX< T > &)> &select) constBsplineTrajectory< T >
end_time() const overrideBsplineTrajectory< T >virtual
EvalDerivative(const T &t, int derivative_order=1) constTrajectory< T >
FinalValue() constBsplineTrajectory< T >
has_derivative() constTrajectory< T >
InitialValue() constBsplineTrajectory< T >
InsertKnots(const std::vector< T > &additional_knots)BsplineTrajectory< T >
MakeDerivative(int derivative_order=1) constTrajectory< T >
num_control_points() constBsplineTrajectory< T >
operator=(const BsplineTrajectory &)=defaultBsplineTrajectory< T >
operator=(BsplineTrajectory &&)=defaultBsplineTrajectory< T >
drake::trajectories::Trajectory::operator=(const Trajectory &)=defaultTrajectory< T >protected
drake::trajectories::Trajectory::operator=(Trajectory &&)=defaultTrajectory< T >protected
operator==(const BsplineTrajectory< T > &other) constBsplineTrajectory< T >
rows() const overrideBsplineTrajectory< T >virtual
Serialize(Archive *a)BsplineTrajectory< T >
start_time() const overrideBsplineTrajectory< T >virtual
Trajectory(const Trajectory &)=defaultTrajectory< T >protected
Trajectory(Trajectory &&)=defaultTrajectory< T >protected
Trajectory()=defaultTrajectory< T >protected
value(const T &time) const overrideBsplineTrajectory< T >virtual
vector_values(const std::vector< T > &t) constTrajectory< T >
~BsplineTrajectory()=defaultBsplineTrajectory< T >virtual
~Trajectory()=defaultTrajectory< T >virtual