Getting Help

Searching For Your Question

If you need help with Drake, please first review the documentation on this website for things such as installation, the C++ API, or Python bindings.

Please also briefly review Drake’s open and closed GitHub issues and StackOverflow posts tagged for Drake to see if your issue has been encountered by someone else before.

Asking Your Question

If you know your question is a bug or feature request, please post a GitHub issue.

Otherwise, if you are seeking assistance (e.g. tutorials or a brief example), please post a question on StackOverflow with the drake tag.

If you are actively developing with Drake and may need more active discussions than what StackOverflow and GitHub may offer, consider asking for access to the Drake Developers Slack Channel. To do so, please email Russ Tedrake for access. Please note that this access may not always be readily granted.

If you wish to contribute a patch, please see how to submit a pull request.

Older Sources

Some information was previously on the Frequently Asked Questions page and a mailing list. Please do not use these resources, as they are now inactive.