Drake C++ Documentation
Technical Notes

Detailed Description


 Python Bindings
 Details on implementing python bindings for the C++ code.
 Default Scalars
 Similar to the Eigen library, many classes in Drake use a template argument to specify the numeric scalar type to use for computation.
 C++ support features
 Code Generation
 Provides CodeGen functions which generate C99 code to evaluate symbolic expressions and matrices.
 YAML Serialization
 Template MetaProgramming
 Environment Variables
 This section provides an inventory of environment variables relevant to Drake.
 System Cache Design and Implementation Notes
 System Compatibility
 System compatibility refers to the correspondence between a System and data structures used to hold the results of computation.
 System Scalar Conversion
 System scalar conversion refers to cloning a System templatized by one scalar type into an identical System that is templatized by a different scalar type.