Source installation (macOS, Ubuntu)

Getting Drake

We recommend that you setup SSH access to to avoid needing to type your password each time you access it. The following instructions assume you have uploaded your public SSH key to your GitHub account.

Now run:

git clone

Note: we suggest you keep the default clone directory name (drake) and not rename it (such as drake2). The CLion integration will suffer if the checkout directory is not named drake. (See CLion IDE setup for details.)

Note: the build process may encounter problems if you have unusual characters like parentheses in the absolute path to the drake directory (see #394).

The above git clone command will configure Drake’s primary repository as a remote called origin. We recommend that you configure your fork of Drake’s primary repository as the origin remote and Drake’s primary repository as the upstream remote. This can be done by executing the following commands:

cd drake
git remote set-url origin[your github user name]/drake.git
git remote add upstream
git remote set-url --push upstream no_push

Mandatory platform specific instructions

Before running the build, you must follow some one-time platform-specific setup steps:

See supported configurations for the configurations and platforms that Drake officially supports. All else being equal, we would recommend developers use Ubuntu Bionic.

Build with Bazel

For instructions, jump to Using Bazel, or check out the full details at:

Historical Note

Older releases were built around substantial MATLAB support, and are described on this release notes page.