Sublime Text Notes


This page contains notes on how to use Sublime Text with Drake.


This subsection lists various packages that we recommend you install.


Trailing Spaces

User Preferences

To change your custom user preferences, go to “Sublime Text”, “Preferences”, “Settings - User.” Then add the following:

Full File Path Display

Note that this only needs to be done on macOS since the full path appears by default on Linux machines.

To display the current file’s full path in the title bar on macOS:

"show_full_path": true,

Show *.sdf Files in Side Bar

To show *.sdf files in the side bar:


Note that the above list does not include *.sdf. This is expected since by default *.sdf does show up in the list.

Automatically Show an 80-character Ruler

To view an 80 character-wide ruler:

"rulers": [80],

Always displaying a ruler is useful to conform to Drake’s Code Style Guide.