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RollPitchYaw< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for RollPitchYaw< T >, including all inherited members.

CalcAngularVelocityInChildFromRpyDt(const Vector3< T > &rpyDt) constRollPitchYaw< T >
CalcAngularVelocityInParentFromRpyDt(const Vector3< T > &rpyDt) constRollPitchYaw< T >
CalcMatrixRelatingRpyDtToAngularVelocityInParent() constRollPitchYaw< T >
CalcRotationMatrixDt(const Vector3< T > &rpyDt) constRollPitchYaw< T >
CalcRpyDDtFromAngularAccelInChild(const Vector3< T > &rpyDt, const Vector3< T > &alpha_AD_D) constRollPitchYaw< T >
CalcRpyDDtFromRpyDtAndAngularAccelInParent(const Vector3< T > &rpyDt, const Vector3< T > &alpha_AD_A) constRollPitchYaw< T >
CalcRpyDtFromAngularVelocityInParent(const Vector3< T > &w_AD_A) constRollPitchYaw< T >
DoesCosPitchAngleViolateGimbalLockTolerance(const T &cos_pitch_angle)RollPitchYaw< T >static
DoesPitchAngleViolateGimbalLockTolerance() constRollPitchYaw< T >
GimbalLockPitchAngleTolerance()RollPitchYaw< T >static
IsNearlyEqualTo(const RollPitchYaw< T > &other, double tolerance) constRollPitchYaw< T >
IsNearlySameOrientation(const RollPitchYaw< T > &other, double tolerance) constRollPitchYaw< T >
IsRollPitchYawInCanonicalRange() constRollPitchYaw< T >
IsValid(const Vector3< T > &rpy)RollPitchYaw< T >static
operator<<(std::ostream &out, const RollPitchYaw< T > &rpy)RollPitchYaw< T >related
operator=(const RollPitchYaw &)=defaultRollPitchYaw< T >
operator=(RollPitchYaw &&)=defaultRollPitchYaw< T >
pitch_angle() constRollPitchYaw< T >
roll_angle() constRollPitchYaw< T >
RollPitchYaw(const RollPitchYaw &)=defaultRollPitchYaw< T >
RollPitchYaw(RollPitchYaw &&)=defaultRollPitchYaw< T >
RollPitchYaw(const Vector3< T > &rpy)RollPitchYaw< T >explicit
RollPitchYaw(const T &roll, const T &pitch, const T &yaw)RollPitchYaw< T >
RollPitchYaw(const RotationMatrix< T > &R)RollPitchYaw< T >explicit
RollPitchYaw(const Eigen::Quaternion< T > &quaternion)RollPitchYaw< T >explicit
RollPitchYawd typedefRollPitchYaw< T >related
set(const Vector3< T > &rpy)RollPitchYaw< T >
set(const T &roll, const T &pitch, const T &yaw)RollPitchYaw< T >
set_pitch_angle(const T &p)RollPitchYaw< T >
set_roll_angle(const T &r)RollPitchYaw< T >
set_yaw_angle(const T &y)RollPitchYaw< T >
SetFromQuaternion(const Eigen::Quaternion< T > &quaternion)RollPitchYaw< T >
SetFromRotationMatrix(const RotationMatrix< T > &R)RollPitchYaw< T >
ToMatrix3ViaRotationMatrix() constRollPitchYaw< T >
ToQuaternion() constRollPitchYaw< T >
ToRotationMatrix() constRollPitchYaw< T >
vector() constRollPitchYaw< T >
yaw_angle() constRollPitchYaw< T >