ImplicitIntegrator< T >::IterationMatrix Class Reference

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class drake::systems::ImplicitIntegrator< T >::IterationMatrix

A class for storing the factorization of an iteration matrix and using it to solve linear systems of equations.

This class exists simply because Eigen AutoDiff puts limitations on what kinds of factorizations can be used; encapsulating the iteration matrix factorizations like this frees the implementer of these kinds of details.

#include <drake/systems/analysis/implicit_integrator.h>

Public Member Functions

void SetAndFactorIterationMatrix (const MatrixX< T > &iteration_matrix)
VectorX< T > Solve (const VectorX< T > &b) const
bool matrix_factored () const
 Returns whether the iteration matrix has been set and factored. More...
void SetAndFactorIterationMatrix (const MatrixX< AutoDiffXd > &iteration_matrix)
VectorX< AutoDiffXdSolve (const VectorX< AutoDiffXd > &b) const

Member Function Documentation

◆ matrix_factored()

bool matrix_factored ( ) const

Returns whether the iteration matrix has been set and factored.

◆ SetAndFactorIterationMatrix() [1/2]

void SetAndFactorIterationMatrix ( const MatrixX< T > &  iteration_matrix)

◆ SetAndFactorIterationMatrix() [2/2]

void SetAndFactorIterationMatrix ( const MatrixX< AutoDiffXd > &  iteration_matrix)

◆ Solve() [1/2]

VectorX< T > Solve ( const VectorX< T > &  b) const

◆ Solve() [2/2]

VectorX< AutoDiffXd > Solve ( const VectorX< AutoDiffXd > &  b) const

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