State< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for State< T >, including all inherited members.

CopyFrom(const State< T > &other)State< T >inline
get_abstract_state() constState< T >inline
get_abstract_state(int index) constState< T >inline
get_continuous_state() constState< T >inline
get_discrete_state() constState< T >inline
get_discrete_state(int index) constState< T >inline
get_mutable_abstract_state()State< T >inline
get_mutable_abstract_state(int index)State< T >inline
get_mutable_continuous_state()State< T >inline
get_mutable_discrete_state()State< T >inline
get_mutable_discrete_state(int index)State< T >inline
operator=(const State &)=deleteState< T >
operator=(State &&)=deleteState< T >
set_abstract_state(std::unique_ptr< AbstractValues > xa)State< T >inline
set_continuous_state(std::unique_ptr< ContinuousState< T >> xc)State< T >inline
set_discrete_state(std::unique_ptr< DiscreteValues< T >> xd)State< T >inline
SetFrom(const State< double > &other)State< T >inline
State(const State &)=deleteState< T >
State(State &&)=deleteState< T >
State()State< T >inline
~State()State< T >inlinevirtual