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eigen_autodiff_types.h File Reference

Detailed Description

This file contains abbreviated definitions for certain uses of AutoDiffScalar that are commonly used in Drake.

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also eigen_types.h
#include <type_traits>
#include <Eigen/Dense>
#include "drake/common/eigen_types.h"
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using AutoDiffXd = Eigen::AutoDiffScalar< Eigen::VectorXd >
 An autodiff variable with a dynamic number of partials. More...
template<int num_vars>
using AutoDiffd = Eigen::AutoDiffScalar< Eigen::Matrix< double, num_vars, 1 > >
 An autodiff variable with num_vars partials. More...
template<int num_vars, int rows>
using AutoDiffVecd = Eigen::Matrix< AutoDiffd< num_vars >, rows, 1 >
 A vector of rows autodiff variables, each with num_vars partials. More...
typedef AutoDiffVecd< Eigen::Dynamic, Eigen::Dynamic > AutoDiffVecXd
 A dynamic-sized vector of autodiff variables, each with a dynamic-sized vector of partials. More...