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jaco_constants.h File Reference
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constexpr int kJacoDefaultArmNumJoints = 7
 The LCM system classes for the Jaco default to a 7dof model with 3 fingers. More...
constexpr int kJacoDefaultArmNumFingers = 3
constexpr double kFingerSdkToUrdf = 1.34 / 118.68
 The Jaco URDF models the fingers as having a single revolute joint, but the SDK uses the motor position for the actuator driving the adaptive fingers. More...
constexpr double kFingerUrdfToSdk = 1. / kFingerSdkToUrdf
constexpr double kJacoLcmStatusPeriod = 0.010
 Kinova says 100Hz is the proper frequency for joint velocity updates. More...